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What we aim to achieve

To enrich the experience of young people of the prospects around them, in order to inspire their dreams for the future, enable more equal life opportunities, and develop their ability to realise them.  

  • Provide meaningful experiences of local industry/business for young people, outside the ‘norm’ of school and home life, and to open up networks and contacts for them.

  • Develop existing talents of young people, reinforce positive attitudes, and build their resilience.

  • Identify and support any young people with clear entrepreneurial quality.

  • Enrich and bring to life school curriculums and careers education by linking them more closely to careers in the future economy.

  • Improve communication and co-operation between schools and industry/business to widen young people’s horizons and open up job prospects.

What we do

Fuelling Ambitions Creatively Together (FACT) exposes young people to meaningful experiences of local industry/business, outside the ‘norm’ of school and home life, and exposes industry/business to future local talent and their new ideas. 

It seeks to do this by facilitating a clear, structured programme for young people that is flexible for different school cultures and responsive to issues as they arise.

Where we operate


Who is eligible

Young people aged 12-14 years (years 8 and 9) who are likely to benefit from the FACT approach and who fulfil most or all of these criteria: 

  • are from a low-income background, in a household experiencing long-term unemployment or are in care (this includes anyone in receipt of free school meals or the pupil premium)

  • have significant potential (academic, vocational or otherwise) that is not being fulfilled by the curriculum (this includes clear entrepreneurial quality)

  • have low resilience to challenges and knocks

  • lack personal or family contacts and networks into high-quality, high-skill economic opportunities

  • are at significant risk of not participating in education, employment or training post-16

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs

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Who invests in us


"Since joining the FACT group my confidence has improved. Before the project I was quite shy, but now I have the confidence to speak out, to share my ideas, and to work with like-minded students. I can honestly say that being part of the FACT project has changed my life. I am now far more confident and it has helped me in other lessons. It has given me the opportunity to meet new businesses and find out how new businesses run. It has shown me new career paths that I might want to work in. More than anything, being part of the FACT project has improved my chances of being successful in the future."   (Student from All Hallows High School, Salford)