Compliments, comments and complaints

It is important that Unlimited Potential is accountable to those people and organisations with which it works. One way is to give you a chance to express your feelings and views about any part of our work. You should be confident that your compliment, comment or complaint will be dealt with effectively.  

Compliments, comments and complaints are a chance to help Unlimited Potential to learn what does and does not work. They let us improve our quality and effectiveness.  

We welcome constructive compliments, comments and complaints. We aim to listen to them and to take them seriously and with respect. We aim to deal with them thoroughly, fairly and effectively. This is because this makes things better for other people. It also lets us learn from experience and then improve.  

To make a compliment, comment or complaint, please contact us as soon as possible – details below.  

You will not lose any right to the services of Unlimited Potential because of making a comment or complaint about us. We will treat you with respect. If any victimisation, harassment or any other form of ‘come back’ were to occur, we will treat it as a disciplinary matter.  

Everyone should treat others with respect. Unlimited Potential reserves the right to refuse to accept a comment or complaint where it is clearly vexatious, malicious or motivated by discriminatory attitudes. We will treat any abuse, harassment, threat or disrespectful behaviour as unacceptable. It may lead to the restriction, suspension or withdrawal of our services. 

You can read our Comments and Complaints Policy here.