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Little Hulton Men Behaving Dadly
6th January 2014

A group of dads and granddads in Little Hulton came together recently to organise a children’s competition to find the best dads in their community.

Children were invited through their primary schools to write stories and poems, draw or send in pictures, videos and models to say why their dad is the greatest. The finalists from each school came together at St. Paul Peel Community Hall recently for a grand finale, with special guest Councillor Alan Clague, the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, handing out the prizes.

The competition was designed to highlight the important role of men in children’s lives and to encourage men to come together to help each other. The ‘Men Behaving Dadly’ team of local dads believe that through helping men, the well-being of their children will improve.

In his speech, Mayor Clague said “We know that many families have had - and are still having - some tough times. And often we find that the importance of dads is overlooked. So, let me say how impressed I was when I heard that that the men of Little Hulton have come together to talk about how they can learn from and support each other to help their children.”

Local dad and granddad David Davis said “It was an honour as a grandfather to be asked to judge work done recently by Little Hulton children who had, in various formats, expressed their appreciation of their fathers or stand-in fathers. The judging was difficult, amusing, thought-provoking and sad at times. The judging panel of dads thank all the children who entered the competition. It was a delight for all concerned to see the faces of the winners on Presentation Day!”

Jack O’Callaghan, aged 10, wrote:

My dad is the best

He’s better than all the rest

He shows us ways in maths

And shoves us in the bath

He cleans, cooks reads us books

He helps us learn to read and write

And we (5 of us) fly a kite.

He just never tires!

And always somehow he has time to replace wires.

He works so hard so we can go to Alton Towers.

It’s like, in his fingertips he has magic powers!

Some say he has a silly hat

But he wouldn’t know, he’s a blind as a bat!

It’s just my luck,

I am stuck

With such a wonderful dad.

Over the next few months, the Men Behaving Dadly team will be putting together a series of events designed to encourage dads to come together to talk about what will help them. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Engagement Worker, John Ryan, on 07717 186355. The team is encouraging any Little Hulton men who support children to come forward - not just dads, but granddads, uncles, brothers and stepdads.