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organisational benefits. the particular strengths of autistic people - in a list form. intense focus. attention to detail. thinking differently. committment. dilligence.
16th October 2023

Autistic people offer employers both a new pool of talent, and a greater diversity of thought within a workforce and teams. That is the message of two new guides launched in Greater Manchester. 

Local social enterprise, Unlimited Potential, has published Fulfilling Your Potential – a guide for autistic people – and Untapped Potential – a guide for local employers. 

“Autistic people have a very low level of employment – estimated to be only around 21.7%”, said Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive of Unlimited Potential. “Yet they have a wealth of specific strengths and skills on which many employers are missing out.” 

Employing autistic people well in the right roles brings employers improved productivity, reduced staff turnover and reduced sickness absence across their workforce. Good employment offers many benefits for autistic people. 

“Neurodiversity within a workforce offers new insights and creativity, leading to new solutions”, said Mr. Dabbs. “It is why employers such as GCHQ, EY and Autotrader actively recruit and retain neurodiverse people.” 

Both guides are available free from the project page on the Unlimited Potential website

The project was funded by NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and Salford City Council, with support from Salford CVS, alongside a reinvestment of profits by Unlimited Potential itself.