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16th September 2013

Are you feeling down, depressed and left on the bench? If your answer is “yes”, then It’s A Goal! may be what gets you back on the pitch of life.

It’s A Goal! is a free 11-week course which is starting in Salford.

Graham Cooper, It’s A Goal! Coach, explains: “We help men struggling with low confidence, poor self-esteem, anxiety or depression get their lives back on track. It engages those who struggle with traditional therapies and clinical settings - and it works!”

Learning from football, It’s A Goal! is run at Salford Sports Village (the home of Manchester FA) for two hours once a week. It features communication skills, stress management techniques, assertiveness, relaxation and self-development. It does not involve playing football.

Becoming part of a team, you will learn new way to tackle your real-life problems, defeat your worries and score a winning future. One person said: It’s a Goal! has been a really positive step. I’m putting important stuff to me first again … I’m on the right track, just need to keep going now.”

It’s A Goal! is run by Unlimited Potential and funded by Public Health at Salford City Council.