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What they aim to achieve

To co-produce with local people innovative local solutions to address four key determinants of health and well-being in the Locality Plan:

  • future prosperity (tackling child poverty)
  • healthy environment (tackling climate breakdown)
  • making time for each other (tackling loneliness and social isolation)
  • looking out for each other (preventing suicide)

What they do

Support a diversity of local people to develop initial ideas and concepts to address the priority areas. Local people will engage with ‘decision makers’/professionals to develop the ideas and concepts.

Specific proposals will be presented to Salford Health and Wellbeing Board. If these are supported, local people will co-design the solutions with professionals.

Where they operate


Who is eligible

All adults resident in Salford.

Who to Contact

Laura Edwards, Co-production Facilitator

07529 224608 or 0161 743 0088


Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive)

0161 743 4502

Who invests in them